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What is a hurdle? By definition a “hurdle is a barrier which contestants must leap over, placed at certain intervals around a track to complete a race.” A “hurdle” can also be described as “a difficult problem to overcome; an obstacle”. On the one hand hurdles are not fun, because it means we have to overcome obstacles to complete a race which would have otherwise been somewhat straight forward without the hurdles in place. On the contrary, hurdles ensure that base level standards and competence are achieved before one can claim rights to authority, status, rights, privileges, credentials, credibility or the like. Consequently, it takes mental gumption, inner strength, determination, resilience and more to overcome hurdles; and as a direct result, we become much stronger people, for having the mental gumption, inner strength, determination, resilience and more to overcome the hurdles; the difficult problems and the obstacles in our path, before we finally reach our desired outcomes.

Human cloning and REM driven cloning is a reality and a fact of life. However, with the current hurdles in place, for which there are many hurdles; the hurdles prevent many people from reaching the desired outcome and realising simple truths which become GLARINGLY obvious once people decide to make the mental efforts to overcome their personal biases and blast through each level of “cognitive dissonance” and overcome each hurdle presented, until people reach the desired outcome to realise CONCLUSIVELY that human cloning and REM driven cloning is indeed a reality and a fact of life which MUST be stopped! It is my earnest plea that reader gives this document, as well as, ALL Mr. Donald Marshall’s disclosures the WEIGHT of importance they deserve. Blast through your cognitive dissonances, overcome your hurdles, and once you do, you will see the simple truth, laid out right in front of your very eyes, and right in front of your very nose which has been prevalent for many decades. Life references Mr. Donald Marshall’s disclosures, and Mr. Donald Marshall’s eyewitness testimonies references life. Such a feat only happens when a person tells the truth. Furthermore, the lies and deceptions are so BIG and so GRAND that the simple truth appears “crazy” on the surface, because the simple truth goes counter-clockwise to the many lies and deceptions which are orchestrated on a grand scale daily. However, the truth is the truth, and the truth MUST be known. Read, print, download and share this imperative information; it is imperative information which many, many human lives depend on.

Furthermore, REM driven cloning is the main topic which TRULY exposes humanity’s enemy: the Illuminati. Therefore, the smart and logical path to take is the path which will lead to the downfall of our enemy; and that path is to learn and fully understand the subject matter of “The Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture”. Leave nothing to chance or speculation; make sure you reach a point where you KNOW the truths discussed in this document IS a reality and a fact of life; and once you reach that stage, share Mr. Donald Marshall’s documents like wildfire. Humanity’s fate depends on you.

11 March

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