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Description of the book, “Faces of Terrorism and the Ultimate Solution”.
The author Prit Paul Singh Bambah was inspired to write this book, Faces of Terrorism &The Ultimate Solution, after being an eye witness of terrorists attack on WTC on September 11, 2001. This book has the seeds of the solution and remedies to eradicate terrorism and inhuman activities. Prit paul Singh Bambah, researched on different categories of worldwide terrorism and summarized his ideas and depth of his knowledge in this book. Some historical examples with a shade of different religions and cultures have made the content of the book very interesting.

Part one of the book projects the causes and the effects of ten main categories of terrorism. The existing environment of the Governmental System and their social and political setup for some of the principal countries has been discussed here. In part two of the book a new world order and the ultimate solution of terrorism is discussed and suggestions made to eradicate terrorism by removing the imbalance of the living standards of the world civilizations.

Terrorism Categories 1, 2 and 3 consider the abnormal world situations of that period which changed the centuries old, well established World Order. The main factor of this unprecedented change of World Order was the 2nd world war. After the world war second, the political influence of British and America decreased to such an extent that in some of these countries, the Islamic fundamentalists started brain washing the ignorant people to prepare them for Jehad. The cold war, between America and Russia, helped Osama Bin Laden to get entrenched in Afghanistan, which was a safe haven for breeding, training and exporting terrorists, for international terrorism.

After World war second, almost all the International boundaries were clearly drawn by the victorious nations. Some disagreements were bound to come up. New independent countries, that emerged were China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia and many other countries in Middle East and Africa. In Middle-East, a small but very powerful country Israel emerged.
The terrorist attack, on WTC, on Sept. 11, 2001, produced a new, perspective thinking for the security of peaceful nations. USA is a super power so she could crush the terrorists and in the process helped Afghanistan to get rid of terrorists.

Terrorism Category 4 conveys about Acts of God and terrorism. The great saints, prophets, law givers, founders of religions, such as Moses, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Guru Nanak and Baha U Llah and many other great philosophers and holy men have given different versions of the causes and effects of Terrorism and how they dealt with it.

Terrorism Category 5 and 6 is about group terrorism of different shades. Category 7 has examples about State Terrorism. Category 8 is, terrorism based on political ideologies. It also comes under the category of state terrorism but of a different shade. The author of Communist Ideology, Karl Marx said that religion is the opium of the Human Societies. He was not against religion but he was convinced that a lot of social troubles start due to the misuse of religion.

Terrorism Category 9 reveals about terrorism by a Dictator or a King. Category 10 is about terrorism by persons exercising some primitive faith and rituals, perpetrated against innocent persons under the influence of those dogmatic faiths and rituals. Human sacrifice is an age old dogmatic faith, which was prevalent in many ancient societies.

Part two of this book is about a new world order
and solutions for eradicating terrorism.

Universal action includes the creation of an effective international forum. This will take care of several fields such as the imbalance of the world economy and form an International Law and Order Enforcement Agency, which may take over some of the functions of the Governmental System of each country to protect the human values and to ensure permanent peace.

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8 January
Harpal Sodhi

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