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This is a collection of five short stories by Cecilia Peartree.
Apocalypse Ready - The Apocalypse is allegedly due to happen on 21st December, 2012. Jock McLean uses the excuse to build up a secret survival stash in a silly place at his home in Pitkirtly. (A short story featuring characters from the Pitkirtly mystery series)

Recycled - Amaryllis tells the story of what happened when she got a bit cross with a cyclist. This short story was originally written for a competition (it didn’t win). It features Amaryllis and Christopher from the Pitkirtly mystery series.

A Romantic Quest - Two people meet under unusual circumstances. They are on different sides of the law, but will love find a way to bring them together?
This is an introductory story to the ‘Adventurous Quest’ series.

Special - A Pitkirtly short story set in the height of summer when the days are long and the rain is warmer than usual. Jock McLean, Jemima, Dave and others go on an evening mystery tour. They half-expect to be taken to the funfair at Burntisland, but in the end they spend the evening doing something much more worthwhile.

The Apocalypse Decoded - Someone has a special project to deliver on time and on budget. If he succeeds, the world will end. If he doesn’t, then what? This is a one-off Apocalypse story. Don’t read it if you think you might be offended by the mention of God in a humorous context.

Crime & Thrillers
26 December
Cecilia Peartree

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