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This bundle contains the complete Half Fae Hunter Series from books one to four.

Dark Moon Rising:

Jake Everett hunts monsters for a living and he's very good at his job. While his mother was human, his father is a full blood Unseelie fairy. Unfortunately, that's the bad kind of fairy, not the good kind. They aren't exactly known as champions of justice in the fae realms.

After leaving his old team behind, he ends up in his hometown of Devil's Peak. Almost from the first moment he arrives, he learns he isn't the only supernatural creature in town. A monster is on the loose and it is his duty to put a stop to it.

Jake won't be alone during this mission. His faithful sidekick, Rudy the leprechaun, will join him on his hunt. His new team will have skills and talents that will come in handy when dealing with the new types of creatures that keep cropping up. As a twist, he won't be the only one on the team who isn't a full human for once.

Deadly Seduction:

Jake and his new team's next mission will take them to a town called Paradise. All is not heavenly within the town. Strange creatures are plaguing the humans and it is their job to figure out what they are and how to get rid of them.

They enlist the help of a clever young Archivist. With Brandon Cooper's database of information, they can narrow down the monsters they'll be facing. Unfortunately, he has to report their visit to his boss, the new Master Archivist. Jake hasn't met Sheridan Harwood yet and his instincts tell him to avoid her at all costs.

They encounter one of the Supernatural Crime Units that have been created to deal with non-human entities. Jake and his team won't always be able to handle the monsters they'll be facing alone. While he isn't happy about the idea of working with the SCU, he might not have a choice. He knows where this job will ultimately take him; back to the fae realms where both danger and delight await him.

Dungeon Trials:

Hunting elemental monsters that have appeared in Texas, Jake and his team finally discover where they're coming from. Someone is altering the portals that normally lead to the fae realms to allow creatures to come through from other worlds. They suspect the Dark Prince is behind it, but they don't know how he's achieving it.

Jake receives a surprise visitor from the Seelie Court. The delectable Emelia gives him a magical invitation from her rulers. He knows he'll have to open it eventually, but doing so will embroil him deeper in his quest. He'll have to answer their imperial summons when he's finished with his current mission.

The Hunter Elite joins Jake and his team to take down some particularly nasty monsters, then Jake has no choice but to head to the fae realms. Once he has the gem that will allow him to close the dragon portal for good, he will be captured by Prince Sindarian. He doubts that whatever the ruler of the Unseelie realm has planned for him will be pleasant.

Dragon Pledge:

Jake is trapped in the goblin dungeon with no way out. He's succumbed to the darkness inside him, but he is no closer to finding a way out. Once he finally breaks free of the labyrinth, he has two enemies to kill. The Dark Prince's days are numbered, even if he doesn't realize it yet.

The team that he left behind is facing their own problems. Asha has been taken and they don't know where she is. They'll have to rely on a mysterious warrior from the Seelie realm to come to their aid in order to free her.

Sheridan Harwood is gaining the power to evict or kill all supernatural creatures from this realm. The new Master Archivist is just as dangerous as the old one and she intends to pick up right where he left off.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 January
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