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Kathleen wants desperately to convince hot tenor JC she's not stalking him, but when mysterious, possibly ghostly events keep pushing her at the handsome opera star, they get romantically involved for all the wrong reasons. Is she crushing on the real man, or has she confused him with the sixteenth century prince he plays on the opera stage? With her emotions and her job at risk, Kathleen resorts to wild ploys in her attempts to obey what may be a ghost's insistent demands—even though it means ignoring the barriers JC has erected against her.


Kathleen Grant is taking time off from graduate school, and not only is she new to her job at a major New York City opera house, she also knows nothing about opera. She's very surprised when she starts dreaming about the romantic, lovelorn prince in Verdi's opera Don Carlo. But she's not seriously freaked until she has an out-of-body experience at an opera performance featuring handsome JC Vasquez.

It's beyond rational explanation—unless something supernatural is at work? Kathleen feels impelled to seek out JC Vasquez, to find answers. But her attempts to get JC's help in solving the puzzle of the mysterious events are frustrated by his suspicions against her. He calls her a stalker, and yet...he's attracted to her. He kisses her. And more. Despite the cold facade JC tries to maintain against intimacy with Kathleen, he's as drawn to her as she is to him.

Although JC shuts her out and even forbids her to be near him, Kathleen can't ignore her love for him or the powerful otherworldly force that compels her. She must be there at the opera auditorium when JC Vasquez sings Don Carlo again.


Haunted Tenor is a stand-alone sweet contemporary romance with mild supernatural elements and just a hint of steam. Enter the world of opera through the eyes of a woman in love.The Singers in Love series:Haunted TenorFriendzoned SopranoDefiant Diva

October 5
Irene Vartanoff

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