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He landed a soft kiss and held her close. But she was having none of that. She broke out of the kiss with a sudden furious strength, and there it was. The lust in her eyes, the desire, her very spirit – that’s where her strength lay. And it was there, ripe for the taking.


I've just finished another long shift at the hospital, and when I come home, there they are again. Just my luck that I end up living next to the notorious Sons of the Phoenix biker gang clubhouse. More often than not they're up until the early hours drinking and getting rowdy, when all I want to do is sleep. But today, I've finally had enough. I march over there and I'm going to give their leader a piece of my mind. I've seen him around - huge, muscled, tattooed. So when I'm standing there in front of him, I expect him to just laugh in my face and tell me to get lost. But he doesn't do that. Before long his hands and his lips are all over me...and I just can't pretend that I don't want him... 


I'm the leader of the Sons of the Phoenix now, and things are gonna be changing around here. Some of the boys won't like it, but they can deal with it, or they can leave. I want us out of the drugs trade, I wanna take us back to our roots. Tonight, the gang are throwing a party for me - we're getting loud and rowdy as we always do, and everyone doesn't head home until the light of dawn is creeping over the horizon. 

It's a surprise when Andrea turns up, still wet out of the shower and fury blazing in her eyes. I've seen her around - how could I have missed her? She's got a gorgeous curvy body, and eyes that suck you right in - and now she's here, alone with me. 

I want her. And I'm going to have her. 

February 21
Ashley Rhodes

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