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"As much as I hated being stuck on the farm all summer, it was even worse because my stupid parents had turned me into a girl!"

Dino is an 18-year-old troublemaker from Philly, and his fed-up parents have decided to punish him by forcing him to get one of those new quickie sex-change procedures at the mall and sending him down south to spend the summer working on the farm of some family friends. Suddenly Dino the tough city boy is Dixie the farm girl, a curvy blonde in pigtails and frilly, old-fashioned dresses! Dino left his girlfriend Alexandra back home in Philly, and now he finds himself feeling strange urges and seeing the small-town boys in a whole new way. Dino's parents were hoping this summer would change him, but he's changing in ways that nobody expected.

Susan Donym's latest novella is a sexy gender-bending romance following a young man as he struggles to accept his new femininity and the confusing desires that come with it. Dino and Alexandra are in love, but how will their love survive now that they're both girls and he's increasingly drawn to men? Will Dino stay with the young woman he considers his soul mate, or will he end up loving his new life as a farm girl so much that he can never go home again?

(This book features scenes of passion, frank dialogue and some profanity, and is intended for mature readers. Spoiler warning: Themes include transgenderism, male to female, role reversal, sexual orientation change, female to male transformation, gender change, transgender romance and farm girl transformation. 23,000+ words.)

Fiction & Literature
March 20
Susan Donym

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