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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

Never Yours

Violet Green has always admired the very sexy Dr. Turner from afar, which makes it very difficult when they start working together. Will she be able to resist his charms?

Violet Green has wanted to be a nurse for her entire life, the idea of helping others excites her. She's so focused on her career that her love life is nothing. The only man she'd felt any attraction to recently was one of her teachers, Dr. Turner.

When she turns up for her first day of work, and she finds him working there, she's stunned. How will she be able to get anything done with his dangerous raw sexuality distracting her all the time?

Especially when it seems like he might want her too…

Then the rumors start, the others believe that she's getting preferential treatment because of an affair with her boss, which leaves her friendless and upset.

Violet knew that liking Dr. Turner couldn't ever lead to anything good, but she wasn't aware of just how bad things could really get…

The Doctor's Order

Divorced lawyer Charlotte Moss goes to her doctor's office with a minor cold. With a month off work, she does not want to spend it in bed, ill. What starts as a routine visit to the doctor soon turns into something very different. Billionaire doctor Elliot Sanderson is the man who sees her. He is immediately attracted to her. He propositions her right there, in the office. Charlotte tells herself that she is offended, that she is disgusted, and that she is not that kind of woman. So why can't she get the billionaire, handsome doctor out of her head?

Soon, she finds herself returning to the doctor's office. There begins a romance that will take Charlotte into the realms of fame and tested friendship. Simone, her best friend, thinks it is a bad idea, but is she just jealous? If the paparazzi find out, what will they make of her? And who exactly is the mysterious, unflinching Doctor Elliot Sanderson? Does he truly care for Charlotte?

Heal My Heart

Joseph never counted on falling in love again after he lost his wife, not even with the very beautiful Ms. Skye, so why does he find himself doing everything to get closer to her?

Teaching is my passion and children are my kryptonite, so it is no surprise that I am good at my job. However, no one must know the secret I keep, no one must know my deepest shame and regret, not even the hunk of a man who invades my classroom and is determined to break down the walls that I have built around my heart.

After I lost my wife in childbirth, I dedicated my life to making sure the son she brought into this world had everything possible, that is why I enrolled him in the best pre-school in town, and made sure he was put with the best teacher in that school. Ms. Skye.

I didn't plan for it to happen, I didn't plan to fall for the gorgeous Ms. Skye, but she draws me in without even knowing it, and the secret pain I see in her eyes when she lets her guard down makes me want to kiss it away.

September 24
Scarlet Heart Publishing

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