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With the fast paced changes over the years, it seems that regardless of how advanced technology has been, pressures in the workplace, relationships and family life have inevitably left us time-poor and stressed out. And very unfortunately, with etiquette ranking very low on the list of priorities. Rather than just complaining and getting annoyed with people with bad manners (instead of assuming that these people do not care if they are being rude, the benefit of the doubt is given that they do not know what they do not know), this easy to read book aims to help people know what's acceptable and what's not. This book is divided into sections that covers what's in it for you by looking at why etiquette matters as well as the common and general courtesies of life. The remaining chapters aims to go deeper into specifics of polite conversations, digital and dining etiquette. There are also quizzes to check on your social etiquette skills.
Your etiquette can make or break your fortune. In addition, this book together with the Social E Ticket (E for Etiquette) aims to look at a few key areas and provide you with tips and guidelines for politeness and good manners - the kindnesses with which we should always treat each other and ultimately make the world a better place to live in now and into the future.The Social E Ticket is a fun, non-threatening way of helping you recognise what are some of the anti-social behaviours exhibited by others and giving the offender a social etiquette violation ticket. This Social E Tickets are available in hardcopy only and you can purchase them at http://www.HiLifeHub.com

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October 21
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