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A coveted secret that has been kept with some few individuals since from the beginning of the smart phone and internet age is been unveiled and revealed in this book.

“If you have a smartphone and you are still poor
you are doing something wrong, you can sell
anything to anyone at anywhere and at anytime”
__ Robert .T. Kiyosaki.

Hence, thousands and myriad of people are still suffering from the bondage of poverty in this century and they all have a smart phone. It’s high time you awake from your sleep and slumbers and from darkness unto light.
In this thought provoking book you are going to learn how to harnessed and create your wealth practically from your smartphone.

“Life is not about finding yourself but about creating
__ Lolly Daskal.

You can make a fortune from that talent you have if you can put it on the net. Everybody knows one good thing or the other.
Every single talent is capable to create and generate enormous wealth on web.

“The best way to predict your future is to create It”.
- Abraham Lincoln

While many are looking for job which the acronym for it is ‘journey of borrowers’ and “just over broke” which is not still available, and some who are suffering from the burden of their jobs but still aren’t paid well can’t just quit because if they dare, they wouldn’t find another .

Some who are not happy and interested in the work they are doing are doing it to keep and meet up with their responsibilities. But, there are a few those who don’t get out of their house if they like, go to where they want to, do the things they like to do. They live a stress and job free life.

They only spend some hours on their phones, Laptops and computers. Then smile back to the bank, not month end like salary earners, but whenever they like because they keep on receiving alert.

It amuses me annoyingly when people consciously or unconsciously waste their time and life discussing unreasonable and irrelevant issues on the net that will not add any value or income to their life, and those people are poor and broke, meanwhile, wise men are using it to create wealth copiously and profusely. Think; think reasonably so you’ll not stink. You are qualified to think and that’s what makes you different from lower animals.

Stop blaming the government for not providing jobs, when you can create and provide them.

“The most common ways people give up their powers is to
think they don’t have any ”.
__ Alice Walker.

Stop blaming your parent for not giving you a better education, the government is not thinking about you and the don’t even have you in their plans.

“Ask not what you country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country ”.
- John .F. Kennedy

Take absolute control and responsibilities on your finance by taking action everyday on your financial career – You can achieve that from the pages ahead.

Business & Personal Finance
27 May
Emmanuel Samuel Faamagii