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Ink and Love… Steel and Leather… these three MC romances by Roxie Carter are sure to make you fan yourself, and leave you satisfied with a happily-ever-after and no cliffhangers.

Read about three couples who conquer all obstacles to find love, passion, and happiness in these three motorcycle club love stories.

These full-length romance novels are filled with alpha male possessive passion, and sexy, sassy spitfires who can more than hold their own in a biker bar.

I'm the devil dressed in leather.
I smell of sweat and sex and steel.
I take what I want... and right now I want the sassy little spitfire who stumbled into my life.
Nadia's gorgeous as hell... the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
She makes my heart jump something fierce like no woman has done before.
I ain't the sentimental type...
But Nadia has me dreaming of a future.
Our future.
As fate would have it, she needed a man like me for a job no other would do.
So she made a deal with the devil.
I did my part. I always do.
And now... now I'm going get my due.
I'm going to put my brand on her.
I'm going to put my ring on her.

I never dreamed of settling down.
Sex and sweat, that's all I wanted.
Family? Happily-ever-afters?
That ain't for a man like me.
And that ain't anything a man like me would want.
But when I saw Sara, she changed something in me.
She's the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.
She makes my throat tighten... and my jeans.
I want her to be mine.
I want to make her scream with white-hot bliss.
She's got me suddenly dreaming of a future.
Of a family.
But there's just one problem.
She entered my life with the intention to steal from me...
...and I don't forgive easy.
I'm going to have to punish her.
And then I'm going to put my ring on her.

Kelsey knew the kind of men she needed to stay away from.
All sex and sweat, steel and leather.
Furious motorcycles and filthy mouths.
The furthest creatures from gentlemen.
It was just supposed to be one time.
One white-hot night.
One pleasure, passion-filled experience.
It was never supposed to be… forever.
So how did she end up with his ring on her finger?
And how did she end up with his baby inside her?
And how is she going to get out of this mess when the only thing in this world that he wants...
...is her?

June 28
Roxie Carter

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