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18+ STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT & GRAPHIC SEX. 5 Sexy Erotica Books of Role Playing, Ghostly F*cking, Voyeurism, Internet Sex, and Cuckolding. Stories include:1. A Cuckold Haunting; 2. Pretty Little Thief; 3. Internet Friends; 4. The Girl in the Doorway; 5. Cuckold Christmas

1. A Cuckold Haunting

A spirit board, home renovations, and a horny ghost are the perfect ingredients for the ultimate cuckold.
Todd and Karen have just purchased their dream home- a Queen Anne Victorian. After finding a spirit board while doing renovations, the married couple's curiosity gets the best of them and they decide to have a little fun. The harmless game unleashes a horny ghost that has more than haunting on his dirty mind. The charming spirit has other plans for the sexy wife this Halloween and he wants Todd to watch. Trick or Treat has just gotten naughtier.

2. Pretty Little Thief: Trick & Treat

It's Halloween and every sexy woman wants to be at her naughtiest.This year Helle the horny housewife decides to turn up the heat in her Steampunk costume and surprise her husband with some kinky sex. After playing five finger discount at Laci's Lingerie Shop, the pretty little thief gets a knock on her door from a cop. Is there anything Helle can pull out of her bag of tricks and treat the officer with something sweet for his tongue?

3. Internet Friends: Wi-Fi Gone Wrong

Friends with benefits can often take your breath away.
Lovely Andrea has just found a new online friend. Rio is hot and bulging with muscle and the stud looks like he was Di Vinci's muse for his sculpture of David, chiseled to look like a living piece of art. Drea has even heard some ladies say that he is so hot he would turn a straight man gay. After a night of drinking and dancing, the sexy book nerd is getting close to a drink limit that will allow her to make a sexual advance against a friend, unless he makes one first. Could anything go wrong between friends with benefits?

4. The Girl in the Doorway

She is his fantasy, his silhouette of an angel that stands seductively in the doorway.
The rugged handyman of The Sleep Easy Motel has a thing for the ladies of the night. He watches through the peephole as his dream woman pleasures a client and imagines that it’s him. But lately, many of the call girls have been found murdered in their rooms and the handyman is a prime suspect. Could he have loved them to death? If only the walls could speak.

5. Cuckold Christmas

Santa baby; I just want to cuckold this year, my dear.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus are about to get extra dirty this year. After a honeymoon in Sin City, the newlyweds decide to spice up their sex life and put themselves on the naughty list. Find out what has Santa biting on the gag ball and the xxxtra delightful act that has the Mrs. in ecstasy.

Fiction & Literature
January 16
Jane Emery

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