Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar

A Guitarist's Guide to Playing the Changes on a Jazz Blues

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Publisher Description

Master Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar:

•Are you struggling to move from traditional blues to articulate jazz blues guitar soloing?

•Are you trying to find the perfect path to outline the jazz blues changes on guitar?

•Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar is your one stop shop to level up your jazz guitar playing.

•Do you struggle to find the vocabulary and lines to sound jazzy and authentic?

Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar helps you to develop an authentic jazz blues language built from the essential chords, arpeggios, scales and approaches that real jazz guitarists use.

Discover jazz blues on guitar

•Discover how to outline the changes on a jazz blues

•Introduce smart substitutions and inventive melodies

•Learn to use arpeggios and extensions

•Master bop guitar lines on the most common chords in jazz

Learn authentic jazz guitar language

Whether you already play jazz, or are trying to expand your melodic horizons from the traditional blues, you'll find that Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar is a step by step method that breaks down the 12 bar jazz blues into its most essential musical elements.

You will build and develop essential vocabulary from arpeggio-based ideas, and incorporate chromatic approach notes, passing notes, bebop scales and altered scales to build stunning vocabulary and theoretical understanding that will form the rock solid basis of a unique jazz language.

Each concept is instantly made musical, with hundreds of lines and practice ideas based on real world music.

Here's what you get:

•Discover the most meaningful arpeggios and when to use them

•A complete guide to jazz scales and how to use them to link arpeggios

•Master the secrets of the Bebop Scale to instantly sound jazzy - in any situation

•A guide to chromatic passing notes and using them to add interest to your lines

•Learn how to use substitutions that make easy licks sound advanced

•The lowdown on turnarounds with great lines you can instantly add to your playing

Bonus 176 recorded audio tracks teach you how the blues should sound

Bonus 15 backing tracks to help you practise and perform to your jazzy best

The emphasis of Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar is on creating smooth, flowing blues lines that are constructed from each concept taught in the book. Plenty of examples are given for every playing situation; however, the book focuses on teaching you to build your own musical lines from the fundamental principles of jazz theory.

With over 100 pages focusing on just 12 bars of jazz guitar music, this is the most detailed and practical guide to the jazz blues available

Over 100 reviews include:

“… this book is the best I've found for getting a player into the jazz ...”

“… There is plenty of material here to enrich the study of players at any level of expertise…”

“Joseph Alexander has a great way of breaking fairly complex musical concepts into easy to understand, bite sized bits, then bringing [it] all together as a cohesive whole”.

Beginner or Intermediate Jazz Guitarists:

Buy it now and become a truly accomplished jazz guitar player... the bluesy way!

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2 August

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