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There’s something about jewels. We admire them, covet them, pursue them, protect them, and sometimes kill for them. And such is the setting for Jewel in the Rough. But Pierre doesn’t know or suspect any of this, when he flees from an abusive father and gets drawn into a web of intrigue and fugitive flight. His adventures take him all over the country while he’s running from faceless enemies of his imagination and in pursuit of one very real nemesis. Along the way he is welcomed by some strangers and set up to take the fall by others. And Pierre encounters several glimpses of God’s hand at work on his behalf. He learns about integrity and character, and he learns about the depravity of his own rebel heart. But God sees a jewel in Pierre and turns all his calamity into a celebration of love. Pierre isn’t running anymore. This book isn’t a sequel, but those of you who’ve read Mabel’s Eyes may recognize a few characters in this book: Jayrob Lark, Ryan Temple, and, of course, Pierre, who was a pivotal contributor to that storyline, but was never named. This book will make you laugh at Pierre’s predicament at times and then grieve for his hurting heart’s desire to actually do the right thing at other times. It’s a refreshing look at man’s hopeless attempts to play hide-and-seek with God’s bigger purpose for his life.

Fiction & Literature
July 8
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc

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