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JFK History Maker is a book that combines that best of a traditional biography with the capabilities of an e-Book. multi-media masterpiece of astonishing research and information lending new insights into the man, the president and the icon. The Ebook version is the equivalent of a 1,000 page book. This authoritative compilation is an ideal reference source for students and laypersons alike. Featuring 36 chronologically ordered chapters, there are 180 high resolution photographs, the full text of over 200 major addresses and news conferences, more than 60 pages of correspondence and other information, The reference book is fully searchable, and reveals in fascinating detail the upbringing, education, personal life, and public service of America's 34th President.  The E-book combines the best of a traditional biog

Historian and author Marc Schulman wrote the first version of JFK History Maker for CD-ROM in 1992.  As more documents became declassified and public access to technology grew, Schulman realized that a complete overhaul was necessary in order to bring new facts and insights to light.  This new, completely updated program, written specifically for E technology, benefits from the hundreds of hours Schulman spent in the National Archives, the Library of Congress and the Kennedy Library.  While the material is extensive, it is extremely readable and organized for easy reference.

The hundreds of high-resolution photographs and the 35 video clips offer a peek at the people and places figuring prominently in JFK’s private and political life.  The detailed excerpts from JFK’s daily White House schedule and the scope of his day-to-day engagements are a unique vista into the issues confronting him during his presidency.  The unique technology enables the user to examine these issues with a multi-faceted approach.  For example, the user can read about President Kennedy and Civil Rights, watch a number of relevant video clips, investigate his meetings and daily attention to this issue and then examine the full text of the President's addresses on Civil Rights.
This solid, encompassing piece of research is a marvelous addition to the resources available about JFK.  If you must limit yourself to one selection, JFK HistoryMaker brings to life the man and his accomplishments.  

The Major Sections of the Program Are:
* Introduction

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