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Jingle Bell Rock is the story (not really a biography) of Bobby Helms the 50's Pop/Country icon who sang this monstrous hit song.

Bobby was there during the birth of Rock n’ Roll. His records were burned. His songs were considered more of that “New York” JUNGLE BEAT sweeping the planet and destroying America’s teens.

Merely mentioning the word ROCK in a Christmas song in those days was considered akin to blasphemy. He played many shows where the contract actually stipulated: “Must NOT perform JINGLE BELL ROCK.”

The Authors present a warm and touching profile of this iconic recording artist. "Jingle Bell Rock" is an engrossing look at the music business from the inside by someone who was actually there.

David Ward Davis, a former partner and manager of Bobby’s, and Lisa E. Brown, his co-author and wife bring life to this tragic story.

A star by the age of eight, Bobby Helms literally burst onto the International scene with the all-time pop hit "My Special Angel" and the #1 all-time Country Music chart song "Fraulein", three mega hits, several gold records and a long string of top 40 singles, yet this artist has gone virtually unknown...all we want to know is Why?

What really happened to Bobby Helms and his wonderful career? Did organized crime destroy his future over something unseemly that lays hidden in his past? Were the constant "death threats" just a sad, never ending, tormenting joke? The Authors detail each threat that David was personally a part of.

Bobby was internationally known - and loved. He was a man who never gave up on his career, or turned his back on his multitude of passionate fans.

Strange as it may seem, Jingle Bell Rock is now considered a "COUNTRY" golden oldie, however, it was considered Rock n' Roll in the 50's.

Yes, without question Bobby Helms is a legend, there is no mistake about that. No, he will never be enshrined in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame (Jingle Bell Rock should have guaranteed that) and he will never be enshrined in the Country Music Hall of Fame - Fraulein, the #1 Country Chart Song of all Time (on the Singles chart according to Billboard Magazine) should have guaranteed that.

The listening public will never let him die - a hundred years from now, during the holiday season, people will still hear his song blaring, from whatever exotic means they have for playing music at that time - "Mix and mingle to the Jingle'n beat - That's the Jingle Bell Rock...

As Wolfman Jack, the late iconic disc jockey once said: "Bobby you is a legend man, Jingle Bell Rock is a legendary song...My Special Angel is an all-time classic...you dig where I'm comin' from?

Yes, Wolfman - we all dig where you were coming from...

This is Bobby’s story; heartbreaking, exhilarating and electrifying - you will love “Jingle Bell Rock”.

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January 30
David Ward Davis

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