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If someone suggested this scenario to me ten years ago, I would have done little more than raise an eyebrow. That is no longer the case. I don’t consider myself an alarmist. The fact is, however, that more and more groups and organizations openly show bigotry toward the Christian faith every year.

There’s a notable increase in lawsuits over prayer in schools. Christian business owners that promote conservative views can face devastating retaliation from anti-Christian groups. These groups often march and demonstrate and protest, and they certainly have a right to be heard. The concern I have, however, is about the possibility that something more sinister may evolve. Perhaps the people to watch more closely are the individuals that are not marching and not protesting. Many terrorists are not so easily recognized. Any one of the hundreds of anti-Christian hate groups in this country could have members that quietly go rogue, at any time, targeting Christians and other religious groups with their hidden agenda.

This story is of one such hate group who has managed to infiltrate a police department in a Texas town. The year is 1991, and the fuse of intolerance has been lit. Joe Conti and his family have been added to the list of targeted Christians, along with a number of Christian police officers, in the Windbluff Police Department, in northeast Texas. They quickly find the battle is quite impossible to win without divine intervention. This book is a work of fiction. None of the characters are real; however, some people in this book were inspired by real characters I have known.

February 28
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