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As a renowned author and martial arts expert, James Moclair has once again pulled out all the stops on this his latest book. Over the last forty five years James has meticulously studied every aspect of this fantastic art and has now wrote one of the finest books ever written on the subject of Ju-Jutsu.

Every single page of this Ju-Jutsu book is full of vital information you will want to know to make your study of martial arts complete. The aim of this book is to provide both the beginner and the skilled practitioners with all the essential information required in the study of Ju-Jutsu and other combative martial arts.

This master piece eases you into Ju-Jutsu with an interesting look at its history and its development. The book then continues with superb written and photographic explanations on the basic principles and techniques the art Ju-Jutsu and concludes with some highly practical street self defence techniques that will enlighten even the most experienced martial artists.

For the more experienced martial artists and those who have read the book several times, the Author has also added a unique summary of at the top of each picture that will help guide you quickly through the various stages of the Ju-Jutsu techniques being applied.

In conclusion, it is safe to say this book will never gather dust; it will be your guide and technical companion throughout your study of the martial arts.

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August 19
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