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The iTunes Movie Guru (Emeritus) shares his selection of the best unknown movies (and a few TV shows) available on demand and on DVD.

We live in an age of unprecedented access to movies. Too bad most of them suck. Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu Plus... Thousands and thousands of movies are available at your fingertips. But with so many titles, the big question remains: How do you find a GOOD movie?

The answer: KILLER B’s: THE HIVE which combines the contents of KILLER B’s Volumes 1 & 2 for a grand total of 487 terrific movies (and a few TV shows) you’ve (probably) never seen. THE HIVE makes full use of the “on demand” advantage: easy access to lesser-known films. It’s just as easy to find a hidden gem as a recent blockbuster...if you know what you’re looking for. KILLER B’s: THE HIVE clues you in to what to look for...and will provide annual updates for new Killer B movies discovered in upcoming years.

Whatever you call them -- buried treasures, sleepers, hidden gems, or “killer” B movies -- these are great little films that never got the publicity, distribution or attention they needed to allow their audience to find them. Killer B’s are terrific but little-known films, designed with a general audience in mind -- no "cult classics," no "forgotten favorites," no "so bad they're good" flicks, just the delight of discovering some excellent but seldom-seen cinema. Life’s too short to watch bad films. Don’t be stung by bad movies—put KILLER B’s: THE HIVE to work for you, and find a few good movies you’ve (possibly) never heard of and (probably) never seen!

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October 11
D. Scott Apel

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