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Killing a Colored Man’s Pedigree is a provocative look at why it is neither cool nor an honor to be a “baby mama.” As Harrison compellingly argues, it does not take a village to raise a child; it only takes two married parents.

This confrontational in-depth look at the numbers documenting the increased poverty and violent crime blacks are experiencing is proof to Michael Harrison that black American’s chickens have come home to roost and that black America is reaping what it has sown for decades.

Required reading for anyone who wants to understand the problems plaguing the black community, Killing a Colored Man’s Pedigree asks questions and provides answers about issues that are seldom if ever discussed because of political correctness.

Things you’ll learn:

  How the high unmarried birthrate among blacks relates to the poverty and crime that plague large parts of the black community and how, as Harrison argues, it may permanently destroy black culture in America
  Clinical and scientific research that explains the importance and presence of the alpha male role model, which is woefully absent for the majority of young blacks
  How our culture at large, both black and white, tends to worship “baby mamas” and “bad boy black actors,” sports stars, musicians, rappers, and the like and how this utterly exacerbates the problem
  How modern culture encourages what Harrison terms a “phony victim status” in the black community (which trickles down into poor white culture), particularly among unwed black mothers
  How corrupt black politicians whose personal agendas far outweigh the greater good have taken over black leadership and are leading black America astray
  Practical solutions to these problems using education, media, and community outreach programs
  Harrison’s dream of starting a national grass roots effort promoting greater personal responsibility, which could reverse this self-destructive trend and lead to a healthier black community and greater prosperity for all

Ringing with passion, anecdotes, and a poignant plea for black America to do an all-around better job of behaving itself and raising kids, Harrison ultimately argues for greater responsibility as the answer to the pervasive problems facing the black community.

March 15
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

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