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Trust in God helps overcome small and giant struggles of daily living as demonstrated in a real life story.

...Born with a rare brain disorder, Nate was not expected to survive and certainly not expected to learn and grow like other children...

Born in Kenya, Ann Makena moved to the United States on her own as a young woman. She has endured physical, emotional and spiritual trials that most of us can't imagine..., She has remained faithful. She has remained hopeful. She has remained thankful...

Ann Makena and Nate are an inspiration to all of us.

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By Dr. Katherine C. Nickels, M.D. Child and Adolescent Neurology, Mayo Clinic

Ann Makena has written a moving account of her journey to faith in herself through faith in her Creator. I had the privilege to provide pediatric neurology care for her son, Nate, for a number of years. After a pregnancy touted by some as hopeless, a son is born who does so much better than anticipated, although he requires a score of surgeries and develops severe epilepsy. This is a motif repeated again and again; the situation seems bleak but emerges victorious, although significant difficulties must be overcome. Ann Makena sees the hand of her Creator guiding and sustaining her through the tribulations with Nate, her being an immigrant, among others, as well as her employment in the face of competing needs and her at last finding a soulmate. Help is provided through others or through unforeseen circumstances when help is most needed. At the same time, Ann Makena emerges as a generous giver of solace to others through chaplaincy work, even though she feels needful of solace herself, and as having total dedication to the welfare of her children. As she says, I came to terms that God never promises us that life will be easy. What He promises is to be with us. For those who realize that life is not easy, this provides an inspiring path to follow.
By Dr. Breningstall Galen, Neurology department, Gillett Children

November 19
WestBow Press

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