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When a certain friendly doctor visits a local gym for the first time, he accidentally bumps into a lovely young woman named Jessica who's digging around in her gym bag.

Quickly striking up a friendly conversation about the gym, this doctor informs Jessica that she may have a fairly serious medical issue which she should be aware of. Even though he tells Jessica he's only a therapist, the news she might have something wrong with her is distressing and she wants to know more about it, appreciating his genuine seeming show of concern.

But could it really be possible that she's too thin... or that being too thin she may have a rather aggressive protein deficiency?

He certainly seems convinced and he claims to have gone to medical school just like any other doctor. His friendly warnings though are quickly concerning Jessica and she's feeling worse than ever about being so clueless to such clear visual signs that she may have such issues. After all she has always done everything she can to stay fit, but if she has been avoiding eating meat and exercised too much to burn off the needed nutrients, has she made herself unfit?

When the conversation turns to possible treatments Jessica can start immediately to turn things around, to gain just the right weight and solve all protein deficiencies while still remaining as fit as ever, how far will the always driven Jessica find herself going?

It's Readers Choice Month, so remember to get that workout in between brand new Tales from the Kreme. You don't just want to be fit... you want to be Konversationally Fit.

Fiction & Literature
July 26
Kris Kreme

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