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Debra's milk-swollen breasts are making her husband crazy - and after he drinks her milk during a steamy round of lovemaking, Debra is awakened to a new kind of sex. It's not long before Debra's friend Joyce is curious about the erotic potential of her own milk-swollen breasts... but how far will she go with Debra and her husband? Warning: This 3900 word story contains explicit M/F, F/F, and M/F/F sexual situations. Excerpt: Debra looked at her friend for a long moment, thinking. “You know... I could help you out,” she said in a shy voice. Joyce looked at her with her eyebrows raised. “What do you mean?” It was Debra's turn to blush and look away. “I mean... we've been friends for a long time. You know I've been with women before. And... I would help you out. If you want.” Silence fell over the two women. Debra could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Finally, Joyce spoke. “What's it like? Being with a woman?” “Come here. I'll show you.” Joyce leaned forward, her eyes downcast. At the last second, they rose to meet Debra's. Debra could feel her friend's hot breath against her lips, and shuddered. She leaned forward and their lips met in a kiss. There was all the excitement of a girl's first kiss, but underneath that was years of experience. Hesitation gave way to passion, and the women soon found their hands roaming over each others' bodies. Debra's hands went up to Joyce's breasts, touching her in a way she knew Joyce hadn't been touched in a long time. Joyce moaned for her through their kiss. Debra began to slowly unbutton Joyce's shirt, revealing two creamy-white breasts enclosed in a sturdy bra. It had to be sturdy. Joyce's breasts were even bigger than Debra's. She'd been well-endowed even before her pregnancy, but now that her breasts were swollen with milk, they seemed almost too large to contain. But Joyce allowed Debra to reach behind her and unclasp the bra. Working together, they soon had Joyce's breasts fully exposed... and ready for Debra's eager mouth. “Oh my god!” Joyce murmured as her friend's lips brushed against a nipple. Both women weren't strangers to breastfeeding, but this was different. This was one friend nursing another, and it was barely a step away from being completely sexual. Joyce ran her fingers through Debra's hair, pulling her closer. Her milk began to flow and she gave a great sigh as Debra began to drink the precious fluid.

Fiction & Literature
25 May
Kitty Meaker

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