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Showcasing the leading male and female bodybuilders from the 1970s and on, and packed with hundreds of terrific photographs, this volume also chronicles the history of the world's most illustrious bodybuilding contests; the top photographers; writers; and historians. Read about the rise and fall of early Muscle Beach, the Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen, and the Oscar Heidenstam Foundation. Take a stroll through the York Barbell Hall of fame, and the Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports at the University of Texas-Austin. World renowned writer, David P. Webster, O.B. E. has provided a colorful chapter on the history of the Scottish Highland Games.

Table of Contents for Volume Three

Dr. Franco Columbu

Dave Draper

Frank Zane

Fred Hatfield, Ph.D.

John Citrone

Harold Poole

Bruce Wilhelm

Larry Pacifico

Boyer Coe

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Casey Viator

Lou Ferrigno

Mike and Ray Mentzer

Jan Todd, Ph.D.

Gary Jones

Rickey Dale Crain

Bill Kazmaier

Bev Francis

Cory Everson

Rachel McLish

Lee Haney

Lenda Murray

Dorian Yates

Ronnie Coleman

Anthony Clark

Jay Cutler

Dexter Tyrone Jackson

Major Physique Photographers

Hurrah for Physical Culture Historians!

The AAU ‘Mr. America’ Contest

The NABBA ‘Mr. Universe’ Story

The IFBB ‘Mr. Olympia’ Contest

The ‘Arnold Classic’ at the Arnold Sports Festival

The Scottish Highland Games

The Rise and Fall of Early Muscle Beach

A Night to Remember

The Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen

The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation

The York Barbell Hall of Fame

The Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports

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16 May
Bill Pearl

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