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Marriage is a sacred covenant God created between husband and wife. It represents the perfect image of God on earth. As we all know, marriage takes work and it’s not always easy. That’s why it’s important to put God at the center of your marriage. There’s a real enemy out there trying to end your marriage, and it’s not your spouse. The good news is we have the most powerful weapon within our reach, and that’s the word of God. By reading scriptures and praying, we can defend and protect our marriage. 
This marriage prayer journal contains 40 scriptures with daily insights from my own personal journey and struggle to rebuild my marriage. Each day there is a place for you to write down your thoughts and prayers. I’ve even included a few coloring pages for reflection and inspiration. Within this journal you will find topics regarding communication, finance, marriage, child-rearing, and self-improvement.  
My hope is that by journaling your prayers and thoughts, it will help strengthen your marriage. Be prepared to watch God do miraculous things in your marriage as you pray daily. There is no greater power than that of a praying wife!  
**This marriage journal is intended for any wife that has or is facing turmoil or challenges in their marriage.** 
As you read and journal you will: 
1) Experience God’s presence in your life and marriage 
2) Learn to pray for your spouse and marriage 
3) Recognize areas that need improvement 
4) Be encouraged to communicate with your spouse 
5) See your spouse and marriage as God has intended

Religion & Spirituality
30 November
The Fighting Wife

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