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Lovebirds make the most wonderful pets. It can be great fun to have a lovely pair of birds at home , chirping and playing. The reason why lovebirds are so popular is the fact that they are extremely active and entertaining creatures. They are also the smallest parrots in the world, originating from Africa. But, don’t let their tiny exterior fool you. These birds are a lot of work and it takes a very patient person to own and raise lovebirds. If you are considering bringing lovebirds home, then this is the perfect book for you. The book contains all the information that you need on:

• Choosing lovebirds

• Preparing your family for a new pet

• Preparing your home for a bird

• Dealing with your bird and other pets

• Feeding your birds

• Grooming your lovebirds

• Finding a good vet for your lovebird

• Ensuring proper healthcare

• Bonding and training your lovebird

• Costs of raising a lovebird

After reading this book, you will be able to decide if you can really afford to spend that much time and money on your birds. You see, lovebirds are extremely intelligent creatures that require a lot of mental stimulation and play. On your part, it means that you have to make time for the bird. These birds are extremely attached to their owners and find it very hard to cope with their absences. Sometimes, they may even go into severe depression if the feel neglected and unloved.

The ideas presented in this book are derived from personal experiences and the experiences of other lovebird owners. Therefore, the ideas are all practical and easy to follow for even a novice in the world of bird care. For, beginners, this book is almost like a step by step guide to learning about your lovebird.

The purpose of this book is to ensure that you are not caught off guard in any situation. There is also a list of popular websites that you can refer to in the future if you are faced with any unique situation. If you have decided to bring home a lovebird, then you are in for a whole world of joy excitement. 


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