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Jess is not looking forward to a night out with her husband Matt's old friend, Milton. But all that changes when she discovers that Milton is her every sexual fantasy and Matt is okay with sharing her for the night.

This 6000 word story contains graphic m/f and m/f/m sex, including oral and anal.


I start walking down the hall, pretending nothing is out of the ordinary. The men catch up to me quickly. Four hands are undressing me before I can take another step. Matt unzips my dress. Milton slips it off my shoulders and down to the floor. His eyes slide up back up my body and I see him smile, surprised that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Those four hands all over me. Exploring like they’ve never touched a woman before.

I start unbuttoning Milton’s shirt as I kick off my shoes. I’ve been dying to see that body unclothed. I am not disappointed. He’s built like an Olympic swimmer, all muscles and shoulders. I run my fingers down his abs, unbutton his dark-wash jeans and pull them down with his boxers just far enough that his fully erect cock is on display. I push him gently against the wall and stand tip-toe so that his shaft is between my thighs when I press myself against him. “Hold that thought,” I whisper, and turn around to undress my husband, who had been watching intently.

“I want to watch you f*** Milton for now, baby," Matt says, "Just enjoy yourself. I’ll take a turn in a bit.”

Milton needs no more encouragement.

Fiction & Literature
July 20
Isley Kyle

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