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Heres a pretty go!

That is a legend story very well invented by Wiss Jean-Philippe. Just fancy about the beauty, the melancholy, the joyfulness, and the big lesson that I let you to be careful in everything you do and I let you know to be strong in your life to fight against the difficult time. In fact, the story begins with the little family of Mr. Andre, who lived not too far from a town. George is an active member in this little family; he is Mr. Andres first son. He works for a rich man, Mr. Peter, who has his own mafia, M+, which nobody ever knew. Mr. Peters house was located in the middle of a mountain, but it is along the entrance of the town. Mr. Peter has a big land near of a river, where he puts some big alligators, and he has a little house on the river where he lets other people feed the alligators.

There is another mafia, M, Mr. Wrecker is the leader of this mafia M. This mafia, M, is more violent in their acts than the M+. Mr. Wreckers house is located in the capital of the country. And Mr. Christopher lives in the capital of the country. However, Mr. Christopher likes to travel on an airplane from Miami, Florida, to the capital of his country. The major problem that causes the trouble in the movie is Christophers box of diamonds. There is a game of casino at another town of the country. Manager Samuels restaurant is located in the town of Mr. Andre. Father Peters church is located at the town next to Mr. Andres town. Mr. Peter has many friends. There is a hotel located in the capital of the country.

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June 20
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