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<p>Moments of Ecstasy is the first short story collection from erotica author Juli Mateson. Featuring twenty-two deliciously sexy tales, be prepared to dive into the worlds of paranormal, womens erotica, menage, and couple's themed stories. Containing many multi-part stories, you will feel as if you are living in the world of these characters and tales as you gain intimate knowledge of their thoughts and feelings. With twenty of the twenty-two stories being traditional male-female pairings, there are two stories involving lesbian sex and sex with multiple partners to add some spice into things. Each series will draw you into it&rsquo;s depths and arouse your senses, satisfying every desire.

The Green Man From Xenot
Alexis Purchet had a sexual encounter with a green &ldquo;man&rdquo; that she thinks is an alien. Instead of being scared, she is strangely satisfied.

The Xenotian Ecstasy
Alexis could not forget the alien that she had made wild, passionate love with. She wondered what she would have to do to see him again.

Xen and I
Xen has made suggestions about Alex joining him in his kingdom, and she finds herself willing to do so, even if it&rsquo;s just as part of his harem.

The Stirrings Of Pleasure Part 1 - 2
Wealthy Arya McComb meets a handsome stranger when she returns home from college. Arya is filled with unbridled sexual desires and she grows lonely as her longing for Ron drives her closer and closer to insanity.

The Clamor Of The Mountains Part 1 - 5
A story of a city girl falling in love with a wild, native man from a fierce head-hunting tribe. Aganas, the village young man, is unable to forget Lucy. Aganas and Lucy found a way to be together again, in spite of all circumstances. Before Aganas and Lucy can hope and plan for their future, they are interrupted and separated again because of his tradition. Aganas&rsquo; parents did not have any option but to search for a suitable partner for him outside of their village. Would he now pursue Lucy, the girl from town?

Lines From Heaven Part 1-4
Jessica wasn&rsquo;t looking for love, but then she met Amir, a stunningly handsome younger man from India. Jessica and Amir&rsquo;s long distance relationship continues to develop as he sends her thoughtful emails confessing his love for her. Jessica begins letting go of her shyness and starts to open up more to the man that is stealing her heart. Amir and Jessica have both finally accepted their love for each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together in wedded bliss.

Flight In Paradise Part 1-4
Dave and Amy first met each other in the Philippines, where Dave was stationed and Amy lives. They are instantly attracted to each other.
Things begin to change. Dave starts to withdraw from Amy. Only after following him to the base hospital one day does she find out the real reason for Dave&rsquo;s departure. After Dave is given a clean bill of health, things are finally beginning to look up for the young couple. Until a woman from Dave&rsquo;s past returns. Amy and Dave move back to his hometown, where they struggle to adjust to their circumstances. Can the love they share survive all of these changes?

Moments In Time Part 1-4
Carla meets a girl while attending a beach party, and they spend a night together. Later, she meets Ken, who is also very interested in everything that the now sexually confused Carla has to offer. Carla soon discovers Ken's identity and what she actually had done: he is Helen's ex-husband and she had made love to both. Carla is torn between the love of her new fling, Ken, and that of her new girlfriend and lover, Helen. Carla&rsquo;s relationship with Ken seems to be going swimmingly when, all of a sudden, Helen calls her.</p>

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April 20

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