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The Dead Don't Fear Demons

Soleil Burns has finally accepted her connection to the Stygian and all that comes with it. She's halfway through her training to get her private investigator's license when the AESPCA crashes into her office to accuse her of summoning homicidal demons. To add to the confusion a routine exorcism goes awry when Soleil discovers a cambion parasitically attached to the demon she's exorcising. Cambions are the offspring of demons and the living, and there hasn't been one on Earth for over five hundred years. 

There is only one place Soleil can get answers; The Stygian and the Hell Princes that inhabit it. Traveling to The Stygian is easy enough for Soleil but comes with risks. The Hell Prince Belial is desperate to obtain her soul. Most Hell Princes have a sense of fair play, Belial is not most Hell Princes. He tried to obtain her soul by consuming her body during their last encounter. The encounter which took place on Earth resulted in the loss of Soleil's wings. Soleil has serious concerns about encountering him in The Stygian.

The murders are being committed on nights of the new moon. Realizing the new moon is a few days away, Soleil will set aside her personal safety to get the answers they need to stop the murder from happening. Also, she needs to find the demon doing the killing and the being summoning it.

Proving she's innocent will require Soleil to learn more about demons and The Stygian, as well as force her to expand her magical skills.

Crime & Thrillers
2 July
Hadena James

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