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This volume is dedicated to a very special person, Professor Gad Hetsroni (1934–2015). His towering figure was familiar to researchers in heat transfer and multiphase flow all over the world. He was the founding Editor of the International Journal of Multiphase Flow and the person who defined and promoted the discipline around the journal. The unique community formed in this field during his lifetime gathers every three years for a major conference, the International Conference on Multiphase Flow, that most recent was held in May 2016 in Florence, Italy. This was the first time ever Gad did not attend ICMF. Friends and colleagues from many countries came to Florence to present their personal tributes and scientific papers honoring Gad. Reviewed and edited tributes and scientific papers dedicated to Gad from these memorial sessions comprise the core content of this memorial volume; certain persons who could not participate in the ICMF made later contributions.Contents: Preface Tributes: Gad Hetsroni: Life Story (by Hetsroni family) Gad Hetsroni and the International Journal of Multiphase Flow (by Andrea Prosperetti) Gad Hetsroni (by George Yadigaroglu) Gad Hetsroni (byShimonHabe) Gad Hetsroni (by Geoff Hewitt) My Encounters with Gad Hetsroni (by Gennady Ziskind) Tribute to Prof Gad Hetsroni (by Masahiro Kawaji) Single Phase-Turbulence and Heat Transfer: Extension of Pod Analysis Towards the Three-Dimensional Coherent Structure (R Gurka, A Liberzon and G Hetsroni) Penetration of Turbulent Temperature Fluctuations into the Heated Wall (Iztok Tiselj) Particle-Flow Interaction: Experimental Investigation of the Interaction Between a Stationary Rigid Sphere and a Turbulent Boundary Layer (René van Hout, Jerke Eisma, Edwin Overmars, Gerrit E Elsinga and Jerry Westerweel) Breakup of Individual Colloidal Aggregates in Turbulent Flow Investigated by 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry (Matthaus U Babler, Alex Liberzon, Debashish Saha, Markus Holzner, Miroslav Soos, Beat Lüthi and Wolfgang Kinzelbach) Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows: Structural Stability and Transient Changes of the Liquid Level in Stratified Flow (Yehuda Taitel and Dvora Barnea) Radial Void Fraction Profiles in a Downward Two-Phase Flow: Reconstruction Using the Surface of Revolution Method (Freddy Hernandez-Alvarado, Simon Kleinbart, Dinesh V Kalaga, Sanjoy Banerjee and Masahiro Kawaji) Complex Multiphase Systems: Applying Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation for Enhancing Convective Heat Transfer Rates (A Ullmann, I Lipstein and N Brauner) Scavenging of Soluble Atmospheric Trace Gases Due to Chemical Absorption by Rain Droplets in Inhomogeneous Atmosphere (Tov Elperin, Andrew Fominykh and Boris Krasovitov) Thermal Management on Microscale: Pin-Fin Two-Phase Microgap Coolers for Concentrating Photovoltaic Arrays (A Reeser, A Bar-Cohen, G Hetsroni and A Mosyak) Heat Transfer Characteristics in an Array of Micro-Pin-Fins: Single- and Two-Phase Flow (E Pogrebnyak, B Halachmi and A Mosyak) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Removal by Microjets (Tomer Rozenfeld, Yingying Wang, Ashwin Kumar Vutha, Jeong-Heon Shin, Gennady Ziskind and Yoav Peles) Readership: Graduate students and professionals interested in the field of heat transfer and multiphase flow. Keywords:Multiphase Flow;Particle-Turbulence Interactions;Micro-Scale Heat Transfer;Thermal ManagementReview:Key Features: This Volume is outstanding in its scientific scope. Its contributors are prominent researchers in thermal sciences

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