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Murder at 1217 – This first offering in Lisa and David’s new detective series is an excellent whodunnit. Of course, this book also introduces the many diverse characters who will continue their roles in each Strickland Files mystery. We believe you will soon feel a part of the extended family that is The Strickland Files.

Murder at 1217 is set in Nashville, Tennessee, appropriately known as Music City. Captain of Detectives Dan Strickland investigates the murder of a young oriental woman, Mishi Tayonaka.

His protege, young Detective Vic Moss, is an integral part of all Strickland Files Mysteries. He brings a mix of wit, concise thought processes, and dry humor that make the stories spring to life on the page.

Many plot twists, additional victims and exciting pages later all is solved thanks to old fashioned detective work. There are no convenient streetwise informers who step forward to solve the case, or blond bombshell secretaries who showcase their stuff on one hand while fighting off bad guys with the other.

Truth is, there's a psychopath on the loose, there is method to his madness – is it a love gone bad, the work of a deranged mind, or a kill for the thrill? Just plain murder wasn’t good enough, he had to make a statement – but why?.

The truth is much more complicated - and surprising - The Murder at 1217 was one of Nashville’s most baffling cases... the outcome will surprise you...

Crime & Thrillers
February 9
David Ward Davis

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