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When Matt Kane suffers a fatal heart attack while shopping in a supermarket, the young woman standing behind him at the checkout counter tries to help by giving him CPR before the arrival of the paramedics, but to no avail since he was declared dead upon their inspection. Moments later, Matt regains consciousness and is shocked to find that his mind had survived--not in his old body but in that of the young woman from the supermarket, whose name is Roxy, a simple-minded janitor who supplements her meager salary as a whore and doing quite well financially at it.
For the next few days Matt is unable to affect any of Roxy's activities and goes through many indignities inflicted on him by her personal habits, of which the worst is servicing her clients' sexual needs. Then, once her he is able to expunge Roxy's mind from her body and control it with his own mind, he realizes that his mind had been so influenced by her strong feminine hormones that flowed through it, that he had become a real woman in mindset as well as in body.
Rather than bemoan his strange fate which, no matter how hard he tried to find the reason for it and couldn't, Anne, as he calls himself now in order to differentiate between her new self and old Roxy, accepts her new reality and tries to create a life for herself as a woman.
Please note that this book is based on my previously published series, Butch Bitches, and contains many of its erotic elements.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
6 February
Aaron Pery

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