Publisher Description

“The Cave of the Sleeping Sword” is the first part of the twelve-part “Obsidian Fire” serial, a superhero style adventure that is heavily inspired (admittedly on the verge of plagiarism at times) by the Arthurian legend of the Sword in the Stone.
The saga is told almost entirely from the point of view of a reluctant sidekick, who must watch as somebody else gets thrust into the role of the hero. Together, the two join forces with the members of an ancient Brotherhood to battle a threat the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since medieval times.

This first episode introduces us to a world where the mystical Flaming Sword, having last chosen a worthy Knight to wield it in the 1930s, has inspired generations of regular folk to stand up against injustice, leading to the modern day legalization of vigilantes like Mark Allen.

When a long-forgotten prophecy comes to light foretelling that the Flaming Sword is finally about to select another Knight, Mark decides to travel to Scotland to fulfill what he believes to be his lifelong destiny. Although Mark is clearly the most qualified for this awesome responsibility, the Sword has other ideas, and chooses instead the last person anyone would ever expect to play the hero.

As Mark struggles to come to grips with the consequences of the Sword’s choice, he quickly learns that nothing in his new life is ever as it seems.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
27 November
Dwayne R. James

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