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Forty year old reclusive KATE WILLARD is struck down with unexplainable nightmares of violence and brutality. Desperate for answers, Kate sets out on a spiraling adventure, beginning at an out of town shopping mall where she is drawn inside a quaint, mystical shop. She discovers a bloodstone, and upon contact, it crudely unlocks powers within her that she has trouble controlling. Her subsequent dreams uncover Divisions; a covert, civilian organization running a top secret project known as the Odyssey Bourne Force - so secretive they deny their very existence. Divisions has been guarding and utilizing an ancient stone door, allowing these 'non-existent' heroes access to explore and build up alliances with worlds beyond our own.

After a rocky beginning, Kate joins Divisions, and falls in love with OBF team member DOCTOR PETER REYNOLDS, a brilliant archaeologist who excavated the stone door in Egypt. Amongst his vast collection of artifacts, he possesses a second, identical bloodstone. Together, they learn she is the reincarnation of an ancient Queen who miraculously stopped an evil force from wiping out humanity six thousand years ago. According to one of Kate’s harrowing visions, this was accomplished at a tragic price. However, the reincarnation process was imperfect - leaving Kate with disjointed memories that hide the vital truth.

Meanwhile, Kate’s connection with the stones has alerted KALVICH, ex-god and Supreme Ruler of the Trimadian hybrid race to assign a mission to his most trusted friend and second in command, the nefarious LORD TALOKTA. He must deliver, at all costs, this valuable cargo, including the bloodstones to Heliostronus, the Trimadian home planet. An enigmatic ceremony has been planned, and Kalvich will do anything to possess Kate and her unique powers.
During Kate’s first off world mission to help the indigenous Cantal people’s rebellion on the planet Ahmadeus, she and her team are kidnapped by Talokta’s fleet. Not only is Kate contending with an internal identity crisis, but unknown to her, a devious blend of techno-sorcery and subliminal manipulation is seducing her mind. As Kate’s team mates are facing death, or worse - enslavement inside the dreaded Mines of Heliostronus, an innocent Kate is hot in the spotlight and all is reliant on her - but who can Kate rely on, if not herself? Even with aid from a seemingly nice pair of elderly rebel gods - who breach the number one rule of non-interference - it could already be too late. Desperate to warn Earth - the team, with a sedated Kate, plunge into a daring escape, but at the last moment, are caught. The shocking conclusion has the OBF team facing alien mind-altering experimentation, humanity facing a new world order, and Kate led towards a dangerously, unpredictable future where she holds the destiny to life itself. Is it the end...or just the beginning.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 February
Debbie Renner

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