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Trust Issues – Carrine is determined to never let any guy close to her. Ford is even more determined to prove that not every guy in her life is out to hurt her.
New Girl – Moving every two or three weeks means Kelsey is always the new girl. When her past finally catches up with her, she finally gains the opportunity to have a permanent home.
Saving Hope – Hope believes she has nowhere to run until she meets Tommy and Amy. But even a new home and a fresh start aren't enough to heal the wounds of the past.
Kayla – The shy non-descript girl assigned to be Malcom's partner for a history class assignment doesn't know anything of her own past. His research into her family uncovers a web of betrayal and deceit, but also an unbelievable inheritance.
Of Mice & Reporters – The first year the media are granted direct access to the West Quarter Gymnastics competition is also the year the competition is held in a facility where the extermination company failed to do their job properly.
Inheriting Trouble – James grew up only knowing his given name and birthdate. When he is given the means to reclaim his past, he also uncovers trouble just waiting to claim him.
Unexpected Family – Having been told she would never have children of her own, Carrine had turned her time and energy to raising children abandoned by others. An abandoned newborn and an unexpected pregnancy offer her a second chance at having her own family.
Blast From the Past – Six years after getting away from life on the street, Amber gets hit with two unexpected reminders of what she had left behind.
A Family of His Own – Content with his life as it is, James has never given a lot of thought to finding a girlfriend, nevermind a wife and children.
A Choice to Make – Knowing she has to choose between retaining her continental citizenship or becoming a Pleasure Society member, Janie has spent two years struggling with the decision. An unplanned pregnancy only serves to complicate her already difficult choice.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
6 April
Howling Wolf Books

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