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Can the passion of three shifters survive the secret one of them hides?

Lion shifter Cameron Wright has been hired to get back the money loaned to Adrian Miller—a werewolf struggling to make ends meet—any way he can. But when he goes to the Vegas club where Adrian works, he doesn't count on the intense attraction he feels for either Adrian or the wolf shifter's lover, Jaxon Marshall, who works as a dancer. Things quickly heat up between the three of them in ways Cameron never expected. But the secret he's keeping from his new lovers, the lies and shady things he's doing to get the money, make it impossible to deal with his growing feelings for them. Cameron knows he is betraying the two shifters...but how can he tell them the truth without losing them forever?

Adrian might not have much, but he has Jaxon, the tiger shifter he loves more than anything. He’s struggling to pay back a big loan from Jaxon's brother, a shifter with a dark reputation, but he's determined to make good. And things start looking up in the relationship department when the quiet-but-sexy Cameron walks into the club. Jaxon has no qualms about threesomes, and they are both eager to bring the new shifter into their lives...and their bed. The three of them spend wild nights together, but the closer Adrian and Jaxon get to Cameron, the more pain the man seems to feel. There is a secret looming over them that threatens to destroy the passion they share...and they may discover it sooner than any of them want.

Reader note: contains M/M/M menage romance, male/male love, and paranormal romance elements including wolf, lion, and tiger shifters. A stand-alone story with a happy ending

21 July
Etopia Press