Publisher Description

I thought I belonged with my foster family in the mountains. And even though life was hard, and the Devil of the Horn thought I was his, I was getting by. Because I didn’t need much, not when I had Darkness, my foster brother. But one kiss, and I’m sent away to an academy for shifter wolves, where I learn the meaning of the word dud.
Packless, clawless and clueless. I’m the lowest of the low, a dud wolf who can’t shift and has no pack to call her own. But there’s enough of a wolf inside me, the packs who run the school won’t let me go.
And the heirs to their packs – Marshall, Sawyer and Arras – keep finding reasons to remind me of my place. On my knees. Or under their claw. So why does Jasper Arras look at me like his wolf has claimed me for himself?
I fail their tests, and make enemies in high places, but there’s more to me than the girl with a broken wolf. And when I get a chance to run, to finally have a place where I belong, I’m going to take it. And a bunch of alphadouches better stay out of my way…

Packless is a full-length paranormal romance, and is the first book in the Hunter Moon Academy series. It ends on a cliffhanger and is recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations. If you like sexy, dark paranormal romances, where strong girls are tested and bad boys lose their hearts, this is for you.

Other books in the series due out in 2021:
Book 2 – Clawless
Book 3 – Heartless
Book 4 – Fearless (2022)

14 May
Simone Leigh Martin