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For fans of Dopesick and Bad Blood, a gripping memoir by the prosecutor who put New York’s most infamous “dirty doctor” behind bars in a landmark case in the country’s fight against those who seek to profit from an epidemic of opioid addiction.

Treating up to ninety patients a day, Dr. Stan Li, a pain management physician in New York City, racked up over $450,000 in just over three years by writing controlled substance prescriptions from his basement clinic. Seduced by money and fueled by a callous disregard for those in his care, Dr. Li fed a deadly network of addiction, responsible for the fatal overdoses of two people and endangering the lives of countless more.

He dodged scrutiny until a brave overdose survivor and former patient stepped forward to alert the NYPD, triggering a groundbreaking and arduous investigation. Just as prosecutors uncovered the first fatalities and discovered that they were facing a public health emergency, one of Dr. Li’s addicted patients murdered four innocent people in a Long Island pharmacy. The horrific act of violence shocked New Yorkers, lawmakers, and the nation, spurring an urgent call to action.

Now, Charlotte Bismuth, the prosecutor who helped try Dr. Li, recounts the exhaustive detective work and trial that resulted in the landmark manslaughter conviction for this killer in a white coat. Meticulously constructed from trial transcripts and court documents, amplified by personal recollections, Bismuth reveals a story of greed, grit, loss, and hope, turning the spotlight on the national tragedy occurring under our watch—and on those who step up to the fight while others turn a blind eye for the sake of greed.

June 2
Atria/One Signal Publishers