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"Killing someone isn't supposed to be this hard. Neither is loving someone."

Pale Moon is the heart-wrenching story of two lost souls, who never believed they could experience true love. Of two people, so far apart they are in different galaxies, who somehow stumble into discovering each other's hearts.

A dangerous, unstoppable roller-coaster of a journey. An MI6 shadow assassin and a beautiful terrorist, thrown together in the midst of a terror threat, the like of which London has never seen before.

Pale Moon is brought to you in two seasons of eight novella episodes each, telling Gerard and Zana's incredible story, two lost souls who must save each other, in order to save everyone else.

This is season 1, episode 4. Unaware of shocking developments back in London, Gerard has fled to his father's home in the Caribbean. Little does he know he's pursued by both friends and enemies, or that

he's heading into a nightmare far worse than the one he thought he'd left behind.

Read about Pale Moon, and the concept, on the r t green website.

A note from Richard – Pale Moon is a completely re-edited and restructured version of the original series (and its alternative 'sister' series, Red Mist), so although totally remodelled for 2021, the bones of the story are the same. If you've read Pale Moon or Red Mist before, then basically you already know the story! We wouldn't want you to buy the same story twice (unless you really want to!)

We've priced the novella-length episodes sensibly. There are two seasons, with eight episodes in each one. Each episode is somewhere either side of 25,000 words long, and to get the best from the series, they really should be read in order. Like a TV serial, they are chronological.

Those of you familiar with the RTG brand know we're always up for different! And for sure this is a slightly different style of storytelling. We hope Gerard and Zana's heart-stopping journey will keep you travelling with them to the end.

Pale Moon is romantic suspense at its finest, with espionage and a little sci-fi blended together to bring you a story of courage, danger and the power of true love.


27 June
R T Green

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