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When adorable, unspoilt Pandora Winchester comes out at the ball, she little suspects how her young life will soon be changed forever. What is the secret locked away in the library, guarded by the phantom Grey Lady and her druid harp? Who is the Duke of Ardboyne and what are his real intentions? He alone holds the key to the mystery of her true birth but first Pandora will have to evade the sadistic clutches of her detestable cousin Cedric. With her reputation compromised by her trespass onto the forbidden estate at Harefield Hall, how will Pandora regain her innocence and enter into her inheritance? The cross she finds in the woods is a clue, but its significance veils an even greater mystery than she could guess.

Pandora’s Dilemma, the first of the Regency Dilemmas by Dwina Elizabeth Gibb, weaves together its blend of romance and mystery in the hands of a talented storyteller. Here is as libertarian yet circumspect view of the Regency as you ever wished to visit, heady with romance yet concealing a revelation that will change Pandora’s place in society forever.

Dwina Elizabeth Gibb, author, artist and playwright, was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She  was married to the late Robin Gibb of Bee Gees fame, and has published three volumes of poetry: Ergot On The Rye (1988); Butterflies and Drums (1989); and Love Unbound (2003), and is the author of the cult fantasy novels Cormac, The Seers; Cormac, The King Making;, and Cormac: The Sage (forthcoming), a trilogy about Cormac mac Airt, a second century High King in Ireland.

November 6
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