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Do you know what it takes to raise well a highly sensitive child? Are you confident that you can help your child reach their maximum potential while also keeping them healthy and happy? If you are not quite sure about how to do so, then this book is the right choice for you.

Highly sensitive children (HSCs) are often misunderstood not just by their peers but also by their families, teachers, and caretakers.

Many tend to mislabel them as shy or cold. Others think of them as slow or crybabies.  Some may even view high sensitivity as a disorder that should be treated. However, these assumptions are both incorrect and harmful to the growth and development of HSCs.

Fortunately, more and more parents are becoming aware of this issue—thanks in part to the growing research about how to better understand HSCs, how-to guide them through different kinds of challenges and real-life situations, and how to nurture them into becoming the best versions of themselves.

It's good that you are now paying more attention to this matter. However, note that the parenting strategies that will be discussed in this book require the support of the other members of your family, your friends, and the teachers who will be taking care of your child while they are at school.

 After all, as the famous saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child."

Most importantly, you need to get your HSC to cooperate with you. None of these strategies would work if you did not take the time to explain what high sensitivity truly means, how it could affect the different aspects of their being, and how you could help them handle or cope better with the challenges they would face in day-to-day life.

Backed by years of research by several child development experts, this book shall serve as an objective guide for you as a parent of a highly sensitive child. Throughout the chapters, you will learn:
How to differentiate high sensitivity from other conditions, such as autism, sensory processing disorder, and ADHDEffective parenting strategies to help your HSC thrive in various situationsTips on how to guide your HSC to developing necessary life skills and abilitiesGuidelines for both you and your child's teachers to ensure your HSC will have a successful, safe, and fulfilling school life
A lot of the issues and challenges faced by HSCs stem from the lack of understanding about the true nature of the high sensitivity trait. Do not be one of those people who simply rely on labels and assume things about these children.

As repeatedly explained by renowned HSP expert Dr. Elaine Aron, high sensitivity is a normal and innate trait. Like other personality traits, it has its advantages and drawbacks. Your role as a parent to a child who possesses this trait is to nurture and guide them—not change or mold them into the kind of person that your culture or society believes they should be.

So, if you agree with this and you want to know more about the proper ways to raise a highly sensitive child, add this book to your cart now and start learning the various parenting strategies that could do wonders for your HSC.

27 September
Elena Jinkins