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PARROTLETS are the latest avian species that are making a grand entrance into the world of pet birds. They have become very popular among bird breeders and amateur enthusiasts as well. They are little true parrots, with the personality and disposition of their larger counterparts but with the advantage that they are quick to adapt to their new environments, are not as noisy as parakeets or lovebirds,  and they very quickly become members of their new homes. Excellent as pet companions, in particular for persons that live in apartments!  Parrotlets have a sturdy built and a broad tail, smaller than the well-known lovebirds. They are endemic to Central and South America, and in their wild habitats these small birds travel through the jungles, rainforests and grasslands in flocks and (depending on the species) their flocks can fluctuate from as low as five members to over one-hundred birds. It is said that in the wild they bond and form lifelong attachments to their mates. In the experience of well known international breeder PABLO VAN DE WATER, “in captivity this is not always true: I have had many parrotlets that when one of the mates unfortunately died, I was able to successfully pair the surviving parrotlet”. As this book is being published, it has been scientifically confirmed that parrotlets are the smallest commonly bred species in captivity. They are very rapidly becoming popular all over the world, particularly the Pacific (or Celestial Parrot, as it is commonly known). In PARROTLETS: THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK Mr. Van de Water writes mostly about the Pacific Celestial Parrotlet. If you love birds, consider parrotlets as your companions. This fully illustrated handbook offers all the information you may need to raise a healthy parrotlet. Also, Mr. Van der Water has included a whole chapter on Genetics, informing interested breeders on the most frequent mutations. PARROTLETS… the best pet companion for people who love birds!


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29 May
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