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"Samantha Kaye's sweeping novel about two doomed lovers is not your average historical romance.” ~ Suzi Q 
“AMOUR is a tale of blockbuster proportions, with an epic love story at the heart of a beautifully written tale ” ~ Kimmy’s Korner 

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR, Samantha Kaye, delivers romance and historical adventure in Books 1-4 of the Passion and Glory Series. 

She steals his heart with a kiss. . . 
For Sérolène, Vicomtesse de La Bouhaire, a sheltered life on her uncle's plantation in St. Domingue, the jewel of the French colonies, is changed forever when she finds a handsome, elusive stranger in her uncle's library. Verbal sparks fly with the intruder who she finds boorish and purposefully rude. But the Vicomtesse is shocked and embarrassed to discover the man is Nicolas Montferraud, youngest son of the famous Marquis de Blaise and part of the great family that Sérolène's social-climbing aunt wants to secure for her marriageable daughter, Julienne. 

But will the burning passion of a forbidden love . . . 

Nicolas de Montferraud has it all--wealth, an illustrious family name, and dashing good looks. But as the sparks of passion grow into flames, Sérolène learns that Nicolas has been tainted by damaging rumors about his mother's heritage. Rumors which caused his family to be exiled from court. 

Lead to ruin or glory? 

When her secret love is discovered by her family, Sérolène is forbidden to ever see Nicolas again. But she is determined that nothing will keep her from being with Nicolas. No sacrifice is too much for her to bear. Not even death. 

What readers have said about the series Passion and Glory.

"The central characters, Nicolas and Serolene, the plot and the way The Author describes, one gem of a novel. Got emotional after a long time reading a book. What I like most of this book was the urge of reaching the next page.True class."
"Sucked me in and got me hooked. Loved the story."
"This is beautifully executed novel written in this series by Ms Kaye. I have no words to sufficiently express the praise I have for this book and the author. Reading a book a day, I find much I have read mediocre by comparison. The research and imagination used here is boundless and very interesting. The romance is pure and sweet. The characters are well defined and described. The adventure is endless and exhilarating. I'm more than excited to recommend this series, this novel, with the highest praise. I've read the entire series, thus far, anxiously awaiting each new book....needless to say, I anxiously await the next on this series." - Woodsever
"Really amazing writing...this author is skilled and knows their way around a story - loved it!" - R. Crowshaw
"What a fantastic book! I loved the beautiful writing and descriptions. The passion in the love story kept me reading more to find out what would happen at each turn. It was refreshing to read a book whose ending wasn't predictable or typical. This story will stay with you long after you're done reading...isn't that the best kind of book?"
"I got caught up in this story and the wonderful writing. Will look forward to reading the next one. Not sure why readers are mad it continues. Just buy the next book."
"Loved the story. Loved the characters. Loved the settings. Yes, it is one of a series, as are all of the GREAT books. Compare this to the "Little House" stories or "North and South". I am in awe of her writing and will be looking forward to the next installment of this saga." - Victroria

Fiction & Literature
September 9
Savoy Press

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