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This book launches a conceptual art project by a prize-winning poet. 

aSyd has been a poet since he caught poetry at 14 years old from hearing Dylan Thomas. Soon after that came the 60s cultural revolution, and the powers of Beat poetry and psychedelic music/dance culture. During a lifetime of drop out travels through "freek scenes" in Britain and Europe and on the "overland to India" trail, aSyd's participation in the subculture has prepared him for this late blossoming of a new aspect of his artistic life: a move into visual art, especially video installations.

This conceptual art project is a melange of osmoses from his subcultural activities & his poetry, his interest in science, and his recent studies in fine art to generate a new kind of book: partially autobiographical, part philosophy, part a poet at play with forms and concepts…. the whole is greater than the parts, but all the parts are creatively stimulating and fun to engage with.

It grew out of aSyd's recent MA Final Project Report.

Here's Dr. Paul Jeff's reaction: 

"Hiya Syd,

well I have finally read your project report and I have to say that I think it is quite brilliant!

I really like the autobiographical bit at the beginning, I think it gives suitable context for the rest of the report. The report itself is beautifully written and an amazing read, totally substantiating your radical ideas. Its interesting for me to read as someone who studies Deleuze because the concepts that you describe are very similar to his concepts, ie; worldtubes equate to 'intensities' in difference in itself....

Wacky and wonderful and full of real knowledge as well as creativity.

Well done mate, I love it.


THANK YOU very much Syd, from the moment I laughed out loud when Dolly emerged from the foaming waters like Ahab on the whale I had a thoroughly good time reading it."

Dr. Paul Jeff, Head of the MA Contemporary Dialogues programme at Swansea Metropolitan University

And here's the physicist and author Dr. Patrick Walters:

 "I think your ideas do make sense and you are really trying to get deeper into the reality of the universe with your conceptual sculpture."

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October 24
ASyd Foster