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Poetry of Despair:
Suicide one deals with the wrong medication that drives a married woman to the edge of collapse and having dark thoughts in her floating mental conditions, she cannot bear to face any longer.
Suicide two a man loses his lover to the slow oncoming death that renders her cold like ice, while her lover soothes her pain in a compassionate embrace.
Suicide three a sweetheart experiences the end of her physical life having enjoyed happiness for a last time. In their passionate love their minds play with a scene of jumping together from the high rock of the Acropolis in Athens to beat death’s victory of taking her alone. Will it be a highpoint of their love?
Suicide four a man cannot bear the burdens of his life and his unquiet and imbalanced mind and he jumps through the open window at a moment’s seizure. He survives, and when healed uses a quiet moment in the house when all are asleep to place a rope around his neck, yet with his love interest alert, she cuts the rope, but it seems too late.
Suicide five a husband drives into his death losing his wife to a man, who treats her to a more rewarding life, while he visits and bit by bit he enchants her to live with him, driving her husband into his desperate act.
Suicide six the lover satisfies a married woman who feels abandoned emotionally by her husband. Falling desperately in love, the fornicating couple cannot get enough and in the desperation of losing out to her demands her lover drives the sword into her, only to jump onto her in her death united in a final act.
Suicide six plus one deals with a man who loses everything he worked for in one act of repossession. His pain in tears and sweat becomes a sea for him to drown in and his mind in a blur, he descends into a cave with a labyrinth known as a one way ticket to another life. He sheds his last possessions, confides his friend and disappears.

August 5
ZJ Galos

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