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Volume 4 of ‘Art & Love’ entails 16 poems inspired by works of art in a third sequel: ‘Crystal Night’ - An alp about love that turns into objects d’art. In ‘My Last Muse’ the artist’s mind relates his love to a bus ride with his beloved, while having thoughts about his lovemaking. The poem ‘All’s Quiet’ reflects the morning in bed when all is calm including immediate surroundings and the artist’s mind imagines a forthcoming meeting with his lover. ‘Trying for Love’ relates to an extraordinary event that is projected through a feverish dream. ‘In the Circle’ - super-realistic symbols and their shapes lead to erotic encounters. ‘Spots of Love’ - One experiences sensations when touching certain objects. ‘Passion’ reveals a woman half mermaid half bird, with lots of surprises. In ‘Love Slants Your Head’ there are reflections appearing o a face during a magical sunset at Cape Sounion. The artist shares an apple with his lover in ‘Purple Room’, just like kisses, embraces and art. ‘Chain of Pearls’ offers a painted world of an artist’s fantasy tour. ‘His Face’ - A portrait that expresses love’s celebration from painted words to exotic images.
She has given him a portable CD player when they first met in a foreign city to them both, as he remembers her in ‘The Jump’ where the artist’s love-interest continues. In ‘Minefield of Secret Love’ thoughts about secrecy in love relate to a famous painting. ‘Disc of Red Flight’ - Inspired by a visionary painting of objects and people compacted by physical forces of the universe, a way forward into the future?
Along an enormeous long road passing massive polluted lands and dried out fields, the artist meets a woman in ‘The Climb’, who speaks his language and as he climbs the highest mountain nearby. Will he freeze to death or will the powerful forces of mind-connections with his Muse save his life?
Drumming of soft rain wakes the artist on ‘Sunday Morning’, when all is quiet and his memory recalls the yesterday’s good times, cooking a great meal and pleasing his spouse with his skills, while his emotional life is in tune with his Muse. In ‘Soultrain’ the artist emulates the first part of Secret Rites at Eleusis. Will he be successful to complete the nine days of rituals to celebrate on a Soultrane-ride?

October 23
ZJ Galos

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