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Sixteen selected poems in a series, called Love & Art, inspired by drawings and paintings, which evolved as the poet reviewed works of art that has been prepared for a solo exhibition. ‘Unrestricted Dedication’, the first poem, explores the healing powers of art, while ‘On the Seventh Day of August’ the artist muses about the endpoint of his long journey. ‘Polished Marble’ - A lover’s imagination during relates to objects during acts of love. The artist recalls sweet love experienced, in the poem: ‘Your Spirit’. And ‘Woman’s Day’ reflects the woes of African people, where the artist had spent most of his active working life among them. ‘Pieces’ refers to the aspect of Africa being only a partial home. In ‘Cry of the Dove’, the poet observes one face that stands out from the crowd with its emotional expression. ’Endless Void’ depicts a lonely woman’s autoeroticism. The annual event of ‘The Festival of Lights’ Part 1(On the Acropolis) is held in Athens, Greece. During the first night of a full moon, the lights on the Acropolis are switched off. The visitors will enjoy the marble of the Parthenon’s columns in a pearl-like shimmer lit up from the radiating moon, while in ‘Part 2’ (At the NAM below) the celebrating carries on with Greek music, song and dance until late into the night. In ‘The Island’ a woman is locked-up like a personal slave. She escapes with the help of a bard. ‘Lovers of One Kind’ is about a lover’s lament. ‘The Cabin’ - is a secret hiding place for a new love. A circumstantial off-day happens to a couple in “The Other Half of Eros’. In the confined space of a small car ‘Deep Passion’ erupts unforeseen. For most Southern people siesta-time is a good snooze, but for lovers it turns into ‘Heavenly Food’.

October 4
ZJ Galos

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