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This is perhaps one of the most interesting books in the history of writing on human behavior, of how people think and feel and not hold back. For those who do not understand what gonzo writing is, you are now about to enter a world of reality in a comical way. There are many subjects that I talk about. A lot of my stories are very controversial. I speak on issues in such a unique way that you wont be able to help but continue to read page after page to see whats next. Ninety percent of this book is true stories. Ten percent is imagination at work. All my stories are poetic. When it comes to grammar, we have good and bad. When it comes to sarcasm and humor, bad grammar is definitely where its at. This book is loaded with humor. I give in-depth detail on what I think of the bad guy, technology, common sense, bedroom activities, relationships in general. This book will enlighten everyone who reads it as to the way it is. This is very educational and comical at the same time. When it comes to unique and different, this is like no other. I do tend to put my personality into what Im writing about. I like to call it artistic writing with raw emotion. If I am not mistaken, I am the only poet in history to give insight on the back of each one as to what compelled the writer to write what he did. This is always interesting to know. I also think this book is going to sell so well it will be printed in other languages and sold around the world.

August 19
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