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Publisher Description

Dr. Lee P. Brown, one of Americas most significant and respected law enforcement practitioners, has harnessed his thirty years of experiences in police work and authored Policing in the 21st Century: Community Policing.
Written for students, members of the police community, academicians, elected officials and members of the public, this work comes from the perspective of an individual who devoted his life to law enforcement. Dr. Brown began his career as a beat patrolmen who through hard work, diligence and continued education became the senior law enforcement official in three of this nations largest cities.
The book is about Community Policing, the policing style for America in the Twenty-First Century. It not only describes the concept in great detail, but it also illuminates how it evolved, and how it is being implemented in various communities throughout America.
There is no other law enforcement official or academician who is as capable as Dr. Brown of masterfully presenting the concept of Community Policing, which he pioneered. As a philosophy, Community Policing encourages law enforcement officials, and the people they are sworn to serve, to cooperatively address issues such as crime, community growth, and societal development. It calls for mutual respect and understanding between the police and the community.
The book is written from the perspective of someone whose peers identify as the father of Community Policing, and who personally implemented it in Police Departments under his command.
It is a thoroughly amazing book that has been heralded as a must read for anyone who has an interest in law enforcement. Elected officials, academicians, leaders of the nations police agencies and members of the public will be captivated by Dr. Browns literary contribution.

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December 29